Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Exorcism of Mme. Brossier

fig. 1
Here is a short film I found while searching the American Memory Library of Congress digital archives. A great resource.

Copyright: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co.; 14Oct1902; H22556.

Original main title lacking.

Performer: Karina.

Duration: 0:23 at 18 fps.

I imagine this as a classic 16th century exorcism. Could this be Marthe Brossier, virginal, mishappen, spiritually, physically perverse. Of all the people who crowded the churches to witness Brossier's exorcisms, how many pay-per-view tickets were sold to men who wanted to see the moon up God's skirt; the devil's puppet, as it were, twisting and punching herself mad, contorting and leaping and wearing no bloomers beneath her sleeping gown.

Could one of her admires, a passive, skinny guy, a pillar in the church community, say, fall in love with the monster of her (or is it the victim M. Brossier he wants to help and nurse from)? Could he take over as manger of her bizarre career? Who is this guy? Or is it another woman? What are the consequences of this love?

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